Ever since I was a little kid I've always dreamed of drawing. When I was in elementary, I would draw to pass the time. Being a kid, my little brain didn't comprehend a lot of complex techniques so I would just focus on drawing shapes. I must have drawn at least 50 different shapes within months. I remember even making a math game out of shapes where I would take the edges and use those as numbers to do addition and subtraction.




When I got to middle school, I was greeted by someone who could draw really well and I asked him would you be my mentor. He said yes and through 6th and 7th grade, he would teach me to draw different things that I normally would have a hard time drawing. It wasn't until high school when I decided to become serious about drawing.



This is when I started looking into hand drawn animation, with the hopes of one day making my own anime show, but that is a long ways off.



Since I've been in college, I've had the idea of taking up animation as a major but decided to switch to film since I had a stronger background in it. I created this blog to help beginners who are starting out and learning to draw with the hopes of them creating their dreams of becoming an artist or just becoming better at drawing.



I, myself, am no professional nor am I a beginner but I do have experience from both sides. Sometimes my drawings aren't as perfect as I would like them to be but sometimes you have to go with the motion. I'm pretty sure we can all relate. So let's pick up a pencil and start drawing.